Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yesterdays doings around the farm....

On top of being a "hobby farmer" I am a child care provider.  I run an in home child care.  I have for many years.  It is my way of helping financially, but I am able to be home with my own kids. 
With doing In Home Child Care, there are a lot of pros and cons.  I love the children. And feel so blessed to be home with my own children (and you can't beat the commute).

I am fortunate enough to do child care for mostly school teachers, so I don't work to much during the summer. It gives me time to work on my little farm and spend lots of time in the garden.

This school year I have most Wednesdays off and to myself (my 4 kids are in school), so it's my catch up day.

Yesterday I was able to clean up the barn, burn some trash, clean up the pig pen, took a short ride on our horse, and pulled up a few brussels sprout plants that aren't doing to well and feed them to my chickens. 
I'm glad the rain held off long enough yesterday to get this stuff accomplished.  It felt good going out to feed the animals this morning and not stumbling through such a mess.

I'd like to share another picture.  This picture was taken the day we got our wiener pigs at the end of August. Our dog Chloe is checkin' her out.

I love my pigs.  They are so cute!

Have a good Thursday.


  1. I love the pig in the mud!! We had pigs on our farm this year for the first time, and I too love them! They are so funny to watch, and the grunt and squeal when you scratch them! I look forward to having more pigs this spring!
    Wish I could have gone for a horse back ride with you. Been a long time since I went for a trail ride!

    1. Thank you! They are a lot of fun to watch and when I give them a scratch they wag their tails and put their heads up like "Oh yah, right there!" LOL
      I look forward to more riding!