Friday, December 28, 2012

Local Meals and Pantry Organization

Wednesday night for dinner we had venison sausage from the deer we got while hunting this last season, and some acorn squash that I had put up from my garden.   It was a simple dinner, but very good.

Last night (Thu) I made this breakfast casserole (below) using our venison sausage, and eggs from my lovely chickens, and local cheese. The milk, a couple slices of bread, and seasoings were store bought.   Can you tell I love casseroles?! Haha!  For our veggie we had steamed carrots from the garden.  I forgot to get a picture of those little rainbow beauties, but they were so sweet!

I am having fun trying new recipes, and trying to incorporate what we have put up into new meals.  You can only eat so many canned green beans before your burnt out! But looking at different ways to add them to a casserole or soup is fun! 

Yesterday my 12 year old daughter helped me organize the pantry.  It looks great! And we tossed a lot of junk.  Feels good to get that part done.

Today on the agenda...a little more clean up around the house, followed by lunch and Just Dance on the Wii with a friend and our daughters.  Looking forward to it.

Happy Friday!


  1. Home canned green beans are my favorite! I feed them to the family all the time! Love em! Just sayin
    I'm glad your having fun making new recipes. I too love to try new ones and soup and casseroles are the best this time of year. Always more fun when the food is home grown/local works too! Such satisfaction.
    I'm cleaning my house this weekend too...crazy how great minds think alike ;)

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! I know what you mean about canned green beans, LOL. Actually, it's my canned Swiss chard that I'm having trouble using up. :)

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