Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Organized.

Christmas was good!  I love spending time with family and seeing the kids have fun.
We came home for a couple of hours in the middle of running around to clean the barn.  I even got out there to clean the chicken coop.  I LOVE the feeling of getting these things accomplished.  I feel good physically and mentally, knowing the animals have fresh bedding and clean water containers.
I even gave the pigs some apples.  They loved that!

Now that Christmas is behind us, I'm going to kick it into gear and get things organized around here.  That's talking about stuff and mental organization!

I have a bunch of thoughts and goals floating around in my head of things I want to do or accomplish this next year.  I'm getting excited about the possibilities.

I want to see where I can take my little farm.  I'd love to some day have a  CSA. But I need to take baby steps and do some talking with local farmers to see if it's something I could do.  We live in a small town and I'm curious to see if it's going well for them or if taking another route selling produce would be better.  I'd love to also sell some meat. So I need to look into a license and do some research there.  My #1 goal in 2013 is to have confidence in myself, and not be afraid to try new things.  I'm horrible about doubting myself. 

I have more I could ramble on about, but I better get out and feed my animals before the daycare kids arrive.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. New year brings new opportunities, and excitement! Cant wait to see what you have in store for your farm.
    Glad you had a good Christmas!