Monday, December 17, 2012

Crazy Weather on the Coast

On the West Coast we are getting another round of a wind/rain storm.  Our weather is so unpredictable minute to minute.  We are getting gusts up to 90+ mph.  The rain will pour...then it will stop.  Lightning and thunder will strike, then it hails.  It definitely keeps us guessing!

The horse was spooked and ran right through the electric fence.  I'm glad my 14 daughter was here to help but him back in the barn.  Scary to see him standing by the road! Got our adrenaline going.

I was able to finish a couple of aprons yesterday and started on a skirt that will end up being a bag (hopefully). Haha! The sides didn't match. Not even close!  My husband says it was a good learning experience. I look at it as a waste of time. But maybe I will impress myself and get creative and turn it into a nice little carry bag for one of my niece's.

The tree is nicely decorated and it looks and smells great.  The kids did a great job on it.

Well now the rain has stopped and it's only a slight breeze I'm going to run outside (before it gets crazy again) and grab a few carrots out of the garden for dinner tonight.  Have a great day!

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