Sunday, December 2, 2012

All day in the kitchen....

This morning Kris fired up the smoke house to lightly smoke some Springer Salmon that he had caught earlier this year. (We needed to free up some freezer space.) After it came out of the smoke house I began processing. I am now waiting on my 5th batch to finish up. 

Having smoked salmon in the pantry is such a treat!  We like it right out of the jar, or mixed with cream cheese on crackers. While waiting on my pressure canner, I looked up some recipes I am going to give a try that sound amazing using our salmon!

I'm getting excited about getting out of my "cooking rut", and try some new recipes this month.  Including truffles! Yep, I was looking into some fabulous desserts to ;)   Mmmm!

Well my timer just went off! Time to turn down the heat and start cleaning up for the night.

Enjoy your evening.

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